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While we understand and appreciate that the people we work with endeavor for peaceful and smooth relations in their professional and day-to-day lives, disputes do arise. If you find yourself in such a circumstance, the attorneys at Dunn Law are comfortable focusing on reaching successful negotiations, rather than subscribing you to an endless timeline of court dates and complications. However, should our initial efforts not yield the desired results, we are more than equipped to take your fight before the gavel.



Although ultimately our approach to each case is tailored to the individual, the process begins the same. You’ve begun research. Step One – check.

Whether you are not so sure about immediately retaining counsel or have an emergency need for representation, we respect your needs. If you simply need a second opinion, give us a call. This is our passion; we want to help, whether you ultimately choose to retain our firm or decide to handle matters yourself. Shoot us a brief email detailing your situation or call to instantly set up an appointment to speak with an attorney.


We believe in the power of communication. In order to best serve you, we need to get to know you — your goals, expectations, and needs. Building a relationship is integral to ensuring your personal happiness throughout the process and, ultimately, case success. Once you have chosen to either consult with our firm remotely or at our office, we can formulate a plan. We will guide you every step of the way. Before leaving your initial appointment you will have at the very least: direction, support, a timeline, and a transparent discussion of fees. To further assuage any concerns, every employee has signed a non-disclosure agreement, and holds privacy sacrosanct.


Trade secret: many of the documents necessary for court proceedings are available online. Ah, the modern age. Yes, you could fill out, revise, research, painstakingly comb legal libraries to find the necessary referenced statutes, but that could be catastrophically risky. You wouldn’t gather back-alley scalpels and antibiotics and hope for the best. No, you would seek professional help.

Our rates are extremely competitive and backed by years of experience. Our lead attorney bills at $250.00 an hour, our associate attorneys $175.00, and our skillful paralegals at $75.00. The firm always delegates casework in a way that keeps your bill as lean as possible.

If you find yourself in an impossible fiscal situation, Ms. Dunn, the founder of Dunn Law and participant in the Volunteer Lawyers Project, believes in our community and giving back. Find out more here.