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Today, Cincinnati family law cases involve both heterosexual and same-sex spouses, no-fault divorce or dissolution is the norm, spousal support awards are less and less common, and the family law team at least attempts to take a collaborative approach in creating two separate lives.  At Dunn Law, we commonly encourage parties to resolve their differences through mediation and negotiation rather than litigation, often resulting in mutual agreements and uncontested final hearings, at a cost savings to the client.

Dunn Law also offers premarital planning, co-habitation agreements, advice on division of marital property, assistance in establishing legal parentage of and custody or visitation of children, rights of unmarried same-sex partners, adoption, and more.  

The Process

For the client, the decision to seek a divorce is often a monumental, life- altering event that takes place after months, even years, of deliberation.  Our initial consultation will provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive assurances regarding any emergency needs or on-going concerns.  Rest assured, today’s couples can achieve an end to a marriage with various approaches:

• Dispute resolution and the collaborative efforts between attorneys can make the divorce process more civil; 

• Divorce is now considered an economic event in which spouses are viewed as equal partners in the marriage; 

• Child support guidelines give clear direction as to the amount the state would require.  Negotiation is still possible, when appropriate;

• Decisions pertaining to custody, alimony, and property division are usually discussed by the parties at least in part; and

• Comprehensive parenting plans and programs provide a structured resource for co-parents.

Learn More

 Our initial consultation will also allow us to share with you our strategy or recommendations for your case, timelines, expectations, fees, billing policies and procedures and any other questions.  

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