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How Not To Solve A Property Dispute: Guns
When Instagram Insta-ruins Your Divorce Case (& Other Social Media Pitfalls)



A Greater Cincinnati area law firm that builds effective cases for our clients while educating them on strategies and the law, so they can make the best decisions for themselves, their businesses, and families.

Foremost, Dunn Law is a litigation practice. That said, at our firm’s core, we strive to provide more than just legal support. Not only lawyers, we are human beings. We truly understand the heartache, frustration, and uncertainty that accompanies life’s problems and misunderstandings — some of which must ultimately be addressed in court. We work tirelessly every step of the way to assist you and provide aggressive representation to ensure an equitable resolution for our clients inside and out of the courtroom.


Susan Zeller Dunn, Esq. - A professional journey.

I became a lawyer to serve…to protect individuals, families and their family businesses. I have always wanted to make the law accessible…to serve as both a translator for complex provisions and a creative interpreter finding new ways that traditional legal principles can be applied to my clients’ current circumstances. To be a good lawyer, you have to be an avid reader, part detective, teacher, story teller and coach. I work every day developing these skills.

Cincinnati natives.

At Dunn Law, you’re in good hands.  Under the guidance of our Senior Partner, Susan Zeller Dunn, who has been a licensed attorney for more than twenty years, the Dunn Law firm has successfully developed deep roots and familiarity with the local court systems. When your future seems uncertain, let our experience help you.

Flexible and empathetic.

Life is complicated, wonderful, terrible, tedious, invigorating and everything in between. We get it. Complications arise. Your situation may seem hopeless or overwhelming, but do not despair — we are well-versed in confronting the impossible.

We get the work done.

The Legal System is work.  Court appearances, research, documents to sign, motions to draft, and so on and so forth.  It’s not the kind of thing anyone can be prepared for, especially considering the fact that most legal situations seem to appear unexpectedly. Luckily, we like the work.  We like to dig in and fight for our client’s needs.  If you need someone to help you tackle an onslaught of legal issues, Dunn Law would be happy to dive in with you.


Stubborn opponent? Piece of cake. From small claims to federal court, we’ve seen it.

Don’t lose hope or your case. Let us help fight for the life you want.

Even if you were never a Boy Scout, it’s always good to be prepared. Get your affairs in order.


Not held back by technological obsolescence.

Our firm’s integrated legal client portal provides a familiar and intuitive interface to allow our clients to quickly communicate with our attorneys about case-related issues. Each client is able to access their private and secure portal containing their relevant case materials, calendars, and billing details with the click of a few buttons. This is an opt-in tool; Dunn Law excels in flexibility. By providing our clients with the necessary tools for smoother interactions, we are able to increase productivity and efficiency, ultimately cutting costs for all.

We'll find time.

Masters of schedule-yoga, our firm works with you to achieve supreme convenience. We understand that time is a precious resource. Our goal is to make the process as painless as possible, and that includes the toll it takes on one’s schedule.

100% Genuine Law

It’s true — there are many effective Cincinnati practices. We pride ourselves on our approachability, attention to detail, and desire to achieve success for our clients.

Efficiency Gurus.

Legal representation can get expensive.  That’s why at Dunn Law, we remain budget-conscious and respect your desire to find cost-effective solutions to your problems. In order to assist in this policy, we offer free thirty (30) minute consultations to help determine if the expense of a court system is the right path for you.


We’re a creative and dedicated family law firm that excels in providing superb legal representation and runs on a passion for justice and absurd quantities of coffee.

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Susan Zeller Dunn, Esq.

The one with vision, experience, and an extraordinary ability to transform cases, Susan Dunn has a long record of consistent success. A brilliant mind and compassionate heart are just a fraction of the qualities that make Susan such an inspirational and accomplished litigator.

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Michael Dunn, Esq.

Exceptional researcher and legal wordsmith, Michael joined Dunn Law with a fresh perspective after graduating from Campbell University in 2015. With a practiced analytical mind, Michael is an excellent legal strategist.

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Sarah Kostic, Paralegal

Multi-tasker extraordinaire, Sarah works with the firm’s attorneys to help build your case. A Cincinnati native and Dunn Law juggernaut. Having been with the firm since its beginning, Sarah has the experience necessary to get things done.

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Anne Standley, Paralegal/IT

Keeping both the workflow and wires running smoothly, Anne Standley prevents intraoffice tech Armageddon.

Keeping both the workflow and wires running smoothly, Anne Standley prevents intraoffice tech Armageddon.


We have some opinions. Find out more here.

When Instagram Insta-ruins Your Divorce Case (& Other Social Media Pitfalls)

Now 2017, most of us recognize the utility and potential hazards of an online social media presence. While we may commit the occasional virtual social faux pas (ahem, accidentally “liking”

How Not To Solve A Property Dispute: Guns

“The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property.” –John Locke As a corollary to the above, “fences make good neighbors”. What happens when contentious personalities,


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We understand that difficulties and misunderstandings can arise in life which must ultimately be addressed in court. We are able to assist our clients each step of the way and provide aggressive representation to ensure an equitable resolution for our clients. At Dunn Law, we love to solve problems.

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